How to Redefine Your Management and Leadership Skills

coaching_first_step How to Redefine Your Management and Leadership Skills:

There are many executives who are extremely successful, yet remain despondent in their present position. They may feel stagnant; a lack of challenge; or even a fear of being let go. Redefining your management and leadership skills has been an invaluable remedy, providing breakthroughs into new career paths. This is accomplished by going well beyond defining strengths merely by job title. When properly scrutinizing one’s strengths, a “Re-branding,” takes place. It allows you to communicate your story in a more interesting and concise manner.

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How to create your own 30 second speech or “Professional Statement” ..

“Professional Statement” or 30 second speech

Are you telling people your job title, function and the name of the company where you work?

Or are you telling people how you can be useful to them and their company??

A successful Professional Statement describes you in terms of what you accomplish and who you serve- done in a conversational way. You express the benefits/outcomes that you contribute to an organization.

Business Card Approach :

“Tell me about yourself”. Answer:” My name is Bill Johnson and I have spent the last 16 years as Chief Operations and Finance Officer for the Wirestream Corporation leading special projects in the telecommunications industry.” This is the same information that your listener could have gained from looking at your Business Card. You did not give them any information they could use. In essence you are asking them to figure out what you can do for them.

Professional Statement:

Instead, the following is much more effective:

“Tell me about yourself”. Answer: “I take complex financial information and simplify it so everyone in an organization can understand it. As a result we are able to create more efficient and sustainable processes that respond to our customers needs”.

This statement tells your audience something that is understandable, meaningful, and memorable. You have now positioned yourself as an expert who focuses on outcomes that matter to your listener. People don’t care about your title, company and function until they know how you can be useful to them.

A complete 30 second Speech includes:

  • Professional Statement
  • Your Name
  • Function you served
  • Name of Company
  • Hook Question which is a Call to action or a request to continue the conversation.. (Next Posting: How to smoothly transition to your Hook Question)

Good luck

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Career Search Tips: Features vs. Benefits

When asked, tell me about yourself most candidates will say “I’ve worked for ABC Chemical as a Chemical Engineer for 10 years supervising 10 chemists.” These are all “Features” which do not express what you can do for your future employer. We have to start thinking in terms of “Benefits” and that answers the question: “not what I did but what I achieved”. Example: “I’ve worked for ABC Chemical developing the strengths of 10 chemists to increase the yield of our extraction process by 30% while achieving improved quality and customer service.” Showing the benefits makes you a much more viable candidate for any postion.

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Executive Coaching – Talent Enhancement

executive coaching

Achieve an enhanced leadership style

Achieve a clearer self portrait and better understanding of the effects of ones leadership styles on others

Learn how to transition into new areas of responsibility

Acquire improved team building skills

Improve skills for coaching and developing others within the organization

Develop an action plan for continued leadership improvement

Career Transition – Executive Outplacement

Career Transition

One-on-one coaching
Development of a personalized marketing plan
Networking techniques and events
Creating a resume
Defining career objectives
Researching the market
Targeting organization and contacts
Interviewing techniques and practice
Career Transition & Outplacement

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