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Management Development

Our programs take the managers to a level that goes well beyond traditional training programs and makes them better leaders who are able to create stronger teams.

The transformation process is dedicated to the following areas:

  • Trust Building
  • Conflict Analysis
  • Commitment
  • Accountability Standards
  • Attention to Results

Trust Building is created by overcoming our need for invulnerability and disclosing the key strengths and weaknesses we all possess.

Conflict Analysis will expose the root cause of an organization’s problems.  This problem is most often the organization’s frivolous construction of “artificial Harmony” in an effort to avoid conflict.

Commitment shortfall stems from ambiguity of the manager’s expectations.  This leads to the employees inability to work to achieve the goals made by a company.  Once we achieve clarity in the department the managers are able to attain commitment from the employees.

Accountability Standards of performance and behavior have lapsed because most people wish to “avoid” interpersonal discomfort.

Inattention to Results is the tendency of team members to seek out individual recognition at the expense of collective results or the goals of the entire team. When everyone is focused on results to define success, it is difficult for ego to get out of control.

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