Executive Succession Planning in Michigan


Executive Succession Planning in Michigan

Is your company prepared for key absence of primary executives?

What is executive succession planning?

Executive succession planning is part of a firm’s business continuity plan. It establishes the order in which the firm’s executives at different levels will assume the responsibilities and control of the firm’s operations in the absence of the primary or substantive officeholder.

Is your company prepared? In many cases:

Companies do not know who is next in line to fill senior executive positions. Organizations often do not make the connection between the skills and experiences required to run the company, and the individual candidates—both internal and external that are best-suited to eventually assume senior executive positions. When a list of possible successors is compiled, it is too often narrow in scope and therefore not relied on when a succession event actually occurs.

Succession plans are not connected with coaching and internal talent development programs. Succession planning
and internal talent development are treated as distinct activities rather than one continuous program to gradually develop leadership skills in the organization. Because of this, the board of directors does not have sufficient insight into the skills
and capabilities of the senior management team and is not prepared to determine which executives are most qualified
to replace an outgoing CEO or C-suite member when a succession event occurs.

Our Executive Succession planning offerings are designed to address the aforementioned reasons for fast-growing companies who are invested in the development of their future succession planning. We have developed a proven and proprietary process to develop and implement effective succession planning for both large and small businesses.

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