Medical School Interview Coaching and Preparation

Actual Testimonial from a successful Medical School Candidate who benefitted from Medical School Interview Coaching and Preparation:

“Working with Evans to prepare for a medical school interview at University of Wisconsin, Madison, helped immensely during this stressful time. Evans challenged me to rethink what I want from an interview, encouraging me to speak the truth instead of “saying what they want me to say.” He increased my confidence and gave me great tools to use during the interview. I have never felt so prepared going in to, or as happy coming out of, an interview before.

I was really impressed how personalized the service was. He really went out of his way to make sure I was always progressing and worked very hard to help me reach my goal. I highly recommend working with Evans to anybody with an important interview. No matter how confident you feel, he will always find more ways to help you be your best.”

How to answer the question: Tell Me About Yourself

To best answer the question: “Tell Me About Yourself” you first have to define your strengths. Definition of strengths are the actions you perform on a daily basis. The action are the ones you perform most often, most successfully, and always striving to improve.

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How to Interview for Success – Asking the Right Questions


Most people prepare for an interview, tediously brushing up, so they may answer questions correctly. The proper mindset for your role is to determine if this opportunity is a proper fit for you, just as much as it is for the company or organization inviting you in. By keeping this concept in mind, it should lead to an open exchange of thoughts and ideas, where you may both ascertain future potential.

The Process

In preparation for the interview research the company’s website, their competitors and gain understanding of the industry as a whole. You can visit the web, the library, or if you know individuals who work in the industry, or even for the company itself, talk to them in advance, gaining as much knowledge as you can.

Develop questions to ask the interviewer, but at least three key ones.

  1. What challenges does the company face?
  2. What are the company’s goals?
  3. What is the interviewer’s opinion of the company & industry as a whole?

As the interviewer is asking questions of you, do likewise, asking questions of the interviewer, keeping it conversational. Ultimately keep in mind how you can benefit the company with your unique strengths.

How To End the Interview

Say, “Thank you,” whether you felt it went well or it was a complete disaster.

Always ask these three questions.

  1. What is the next step in the hiring process?
  2. How many people are you interviewing for the position?
  3. Where do I stand in the order of people you have interviewed so far?

Next, ask what could you improve on for future interviews? You really want to ask this question if you are in the running or not, and most interviewers will gladly answer it for you.

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How to Redefine Your Management and Leadership Skills

coaching_first_step How to Redefine Your Management and Leadership Skills:

There are many executives who are extremely successful, yet remain despondent in their present position. They may feel stagnant; a lack of challenge; or even a fear of being let go. Redefining your management and leadership skills has been an invaluable remedy, providing breakthroughs into new career paths. This is accomplished by going well beyond defining strengths merely by job title. When properly scrutinizing one’s strengths, a “Re-branding,” takes place. It allows you to communicate your story in a more interesting and concise manner.

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