Medical School Interview Coaching and Preparation

Actual Testimonial from a successful Medical School Candidate who benefitted from Medical School Interview Coaching and Preparation:

“Working with Evans to prepare for a medical school interview at University of Wisconsin, Madison, helped immensely during this stressful time. Evans challenged me to rethink what I want from an interview, encouraging me to speak the truth instead of “saying what they want me to say.” He increased my confidence and gave me great tools to use during the interview. I have never felt so prepared going in to, or as happy coming out of, an interview before.

I was really impressed how personalized the service was. He really went out of his way to make sure I was always progressing and worked very hard to help me reach my goal. I highly recommend working with Evans to anybody with an important interview. No matter how confident you feel, he will always find more ways to help you be your best.”